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Introducing the CDO Hibernate Store

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The past few months I have been spending some time on putting the finishing touch on the CDO Hibernate store. CDO is a distributed shared model framework for EMF models providing distributed transactionality, persistence, queries etc.
The CDO Hibernate store combines the automatic object-relational mapping of Teneo with the runtime object-relational mapping logic provided by Hibernate.
The combination of Teneo and Hibernate gives the CDO user/developer the following advantages:
  • Automatic Model-Relational Mapping (with manual overrides): Teneo takes care of automatic mapping of your model to a relation database schema. The relational database schema explicitly implements the domain model. The automatic mapping can be manually overridden using JPA annotations in the model or in a separate XML file. All JPA annotations (and several Hibernate extensions) are supported.
  • Support for many databases: Hibernate provides superior runtime Object Relational Mapping to many different relational databases. We test with mysql and hsqldb but there are no known obstacles for using CDO on other databases supported by Hibernate.
  • HQL: the CDO Hibernate store makes it possible to execute HQL queries on the client. The complete HQL syntax is supported (incl. joins, aggregations, functions, etc.).
The current status of the CDO Hibernate store:
  • The store now passes all relevant testcases (more than 580 of them).
  • The documentation has been completed and is available on the wiki..
  • Example projects have been created to facilitate a quick-startup when using the store.
For more information on the CDO Hibernate store visit the wiki page hosted at The wiki contains lots of information for a CDO Hibernate user: Quick Start, Download & Install, Configuration, Tutorials, etc.
The tutorials are all supported by a set of example projects which can be downloaded from cvs.
Feel free to provide feedback on the EMF newsgroup.

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February 23, 2010 at 11:50 am

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