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Moving Texo and Teneo over to git

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More and more projects at seem to move over to git. I am using git and mercurial in several customer projects and the experience is great. I use the command line mainly and the speed, ease of branching and merging are a big plus.

So time to move Texo and Teneo over to git. Here is a summary of my experience. I will talk mainly about the changes I had to do to the buckminster build I use for Teneo and Texo. But first, credits should go to the CDO project for providing me good examples of the changes I needed to make and to the Eclipse webmasters to give very responsive help in creating the git repositories.

First to the build configuration, I had to make the following changes:

  • Set source code management to git and the url to the git repository, which for Texo is: git://
  • Then I specified in the ‘Local subdirectory for repo (optional)’ the directory within the workspace to which hudson should clone the repository. This setting can be found within the advanced section of a repository.

As a next step I had to set the correct path to the build ant script (see the ‘Build File’ field in the advanced tab of the Invoke Ant Build section), the path within the git clone local directory, in this case this was:

  • git/infra/org.eclipse.emf.texo.releng.buckminster/build.xml

So now hudson would listen to the correct location for changes and will clone the repository and run the correct build script.

Now to the build script and buckminster setup itself.

In the build xml I set a property which contains the correct path to a directory where hudson clones the git repository:

<property name="gitPath" location="${hudsonWorkSpacePath}/git" />

With Texo I let hudson do the git repository cloning. You can also tell buckminster to do it though, afaik this can be done by passing parameter named: git.clone as a jvmarg when launching buckminster.

Then I needed to change the rmap files, from using cvs to using git. Here is a snippet of one of the rmap file which reads the git repository cloned by hudson:

<provider componentTypes="osgi.bundle" readerType="git" source="true">
	<uri format="{0},tests/{1}">
		<bc:propertyRef key="gitPath"/>
		<bc:propertyRef key="buckminster.component"/>

It uses the gitPath property defined earlier to get to the correct repository location.

And this was it! So overall, the changes where quite small and Texo and Teneo build correctly from the git repositories.

For your reference here are some links to the builds projects and build pages:

For any questions/remarks please visit the EMFT Texo newsgroup or forum.

gr. Martin

Written by martintaal

November 1, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Posted in Teneo, Texo

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  1. Awesome, thanks for doing this. Can you make sure the metadata is up to date so your repository is mirrored on GitHub?

    We refresh mirrors every couple weeks so it may take awhile to show up.

    Chris Aniszczyk

    November 2, 2011 at 4:56 pm

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